KimShala Hibbert, Founder + Creative Director

KimShala Hibbert

KimShala Hibbert

Hi! I’m KimShala, the award-winning visionary, web developer, and principal graphic designer of Ashalla Design Shop, LLC.  I oversee all creative development for the company by successfully crafting high-quality brand and marketing materials, and managing a team of talented young professionals.

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communications from The School of Journalism at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I concentrated all my energies in photojournalism, graphic design, and copywriting; OH! and biology, chemistry, and mathematics. Long before then, however, I had been honing my artistic abilities through dance, music, collaging, drawing, traveling, philosophy, art history, architecture, and entrepreneurship.

My 20+ years of work experience in the publishing, design, marketing, and digital design industry, deepened my love for the art and strategies of business. I continue to study typography, web design, branding, project management, and marketing, with a passion.

My mission is to provide clients with branding materials for their businesses that capture the essence of who they are and why they exist. We, at Ashalla Design Shop, partner with businesses that are significantly and positively impacted through branding, an upgraded design sense, and diverse marketing strategies.

Ok, I think that’s probably enough about me. I am grateful that you found us and checked out the website, and if you have a project you’d like to discuss, please contact me here:

Sincere Thanks and Best Wishes Unto You!