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Going Back to High School

New Visions Charter High School for Advance Mathematics III is located here.
New Visions Charter HS for Advance Math & Science III is located at the Sheepshead Bay HS campus in Brooklyn.           

It has been some time since I found myself going down a high school corridor. Therefore, I had no idea what to expect as I drove to the New Visions Charter High School for the Advance Math & Science III (AMS III) last Friday. AMS III is housed at the Sheepshead Bay High School campus in Brooklyn, NY. After checking in, I felt a sense of nostalgia as I observe the next generation of leaders scurrying through the halls. Their warmth and welcoming spirit put me at ease and I forgot all jitters of going back to high school. I was ready to be a part of Anchor week.

Anchor week is a project that challenges students within the New Vision Charter High School network to design a better campus. After researching and developing their ideas, students delivered their presentations to classmates, administrators, parents, community members, and a panel of judges from various professions outside of the institution. Ashalla was invited to participate as one of the Anchor judges.

It was a proud moment to watch groups of students proposing unique ideas such as rooftop gardens and energy conservations projects to improve their campus. Many of the students even went further to consider how their proposed ideas would impact the school’s surrounding communities. New Visions is definitely taking the right steps in shaping these future leaders. It was an exciting experience to go back to high school, even if just for a day.

New Visions Charter High School is a part of New Visions for Public Schools; an organization committed to designing, creating and sustaining great schools for New York City’s highest need students.

Tribute #2: Design Pioneer Charles Dawson

Charles Dawson (1889-1981)



Charles Dawson was one of the pioneering black designers of his time.  He is best known for his contribution to the beauty industry and using his illustrative talents to depict rural workers and black children.

Dawson was born in 1889 in Georgia. He attended the famous Tuskegee Institute in Tuskegee, Alabama. He left Tuskegee for New York in 1907, where he attended the Art Student League. After graduating, he moved to Chicago where he became very successful.

After completing his studies at Chicago’s Art Institute, Dawson continued on a very enterprising career path. Along with fellow classmates, he developed the Chicago Art League, a black exhibiting group. He later put his design skills to work for Valmor Products Company.  Dawson continued to make strides by designing a famous mural illustrating the Great Migration for the National Urban League. Dawson also illustrated and self-published his own children’s book, ABCs of Great Negroes. This book highlighted accomplished men and women of African decent. Among other great contributions, Dawson ended his career by opening his own graphic design studio in Chicago. He also served as a curator for the Museum of Negro Art and Culture and the George Washington Carver Museum. We salute Charles Dawson!

Murray’s Pomade (pictured-top right) shows a beauty product packaging done by a black designer. What role do you think black designers play in today’s beauty industry?  



Ashalla attended CACCIs 2014 Power Breakfast

Eric AdamsIt was a very inspiring day, as small business leaders from all over Brooklyn gathered at the Caribbean Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc.(CACCI) annual Power Breakfast at Borough Hall. The event, which was held on Thursday, December 17, allowed attendees to catch up with old friends while connecting with new ones.

Dr. Hastick started the event by inspiring CACCI members to always give back to their communities and to have faith when taking steps with their businesses even when they don’t see the whole staircase. It was truly a powerful event with speakers such as Brooklyn’s new Borough President; Eric Adams and New York City Comptroller; Scott Stringer.

In honor of  Matin Luther King Day, the event ended with each member of the audience reflecting and giving thanks to people who have influence and impacted their life and careers. The CACCI breakfast was not only a gathering of powerful business leaders, but of a group of people who encouraged and supported each others success. Ashalla looks forward to successful years working with this talented  group of people and the CCACI organization.

Ashalla’s founder wins 2014 Small Business Visionaries Award

KimShalaVisionaryAwardBrooklyn, NY – Ashalla Design Shop, LLC, a graphic design company, is pleased to announce that KimShala Hibbert, Founder and Principal Designer at Ashalla, was honored with the 2014 Small Business Visionaries Award at the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. Awards celebration held on Dec. 4, 2013.