… When Working With a Design Firm.

In order to control cost and timing, you must plan well and communicate early, clearly and consistently. You must decide, first of all, what is most important to you speed, design, or cost. These three variables are linked in that the more complex a piece, the slower the production may be and the higher the price. If you are in need of a quick response time, you risk including RUSH charges and therefore you may need to simplify things.


Clear communication can also keep cost under control. In your initial planning meeting you should describe the visual effect and market response you desire. It is often helpful if you bring samples or references of your previous pieces as well as, admired pieces from others. Resolve any conflicting goals or preferences within your organization before this meeting. Again, if you do have more than one person in your organization making design decisions, then choose one representative as the conduit of communication with the designer. From here , please organize your materials with labels, captions, outlines and mock ups.

Next … let your designer create. If you really would not like to use the color yellow, say so. However, it is important to give your designer the freedom to create beautiful and strategically sound pieces without micro-management. If you see a problem, call attention to it and even share solutions. You can even allow the designer the flexibility to find some other fix.


Finally, thoroughly check the samples and proofs provided to you in there varying stages. You are responsible for everything on a proof. Examine the text,photos,color and illustrations with care. If others must approve the design, make sure they see the earliest proofs. It is simplest, least frustrating and cheapest way to correct a problem the first time it shows up.

These are all ways to get the best out of your deal.


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