Social media is essential for every business in this age. Establishing a presence on social media gives you access to existing customers as well as provides an outlet to attract new customers. Deciding which social media is best suited for business is key. In order to know which social media is best for your business you must know where your audience presence is within the online community.


Facebook — Facebook is currently the largest social media community. The ability to share photos, videos links and other visuals makes Facebook for ideal for any business. For example a restaurant looking to showcase their new menu items could use Facebook to display their new dishes as well as receive feedback from visitors on their page.

Twitter — Creating a twitter account helps to create a brand image online. It allows for real-time interaction between clients and a brand. Many businesses use twitter for customer support. If your company may require troubleshooting twitter could be a reliable source to keep in contact with your customers. Twitter is a great place to get feedback from customers as well as reach out to them with new products.

LinkedIn — Small business use LinkedIn more than any other social network. LinkedIn is a professional network that allows employees to be representatives of your brand and also can increase awareness of your brand amongst professionals.

YouTube — The largest video sharing app can be a major player in promoting your brand. Youtube is a great way to show what your company offers more extensively through video. Videos are more engaging than images, and are easily shared throughout social media. Using videos can market certain products more efficiently than just text or images. Youtube is a useful tool for promotions.

Instagram — Instagram is a mobile photo and video sharing app. It is ideal for those in which visuals are a big aspect of their brand such as artists, food companies, and clothing brands. The sharing capabilities are endless with Instagram and since the implementation of video within the app it expands the capabilities it can have for reaching the right customers.


Pinterest —A great tool to showcase your products from your business. It consists of mostly sharing videos and photos in collections called boards. The ability to organize the different aspects of your business for the public to see is one of Pinterest’s strong points. For companies looking to increase traffic to their site; Pinterest is a great way to cross-promote through all forms of social media.

Google+ — Google Plus is one of the newest social media outlets and is on the rise. If you are a company trying to increase your visibility on the web GooglePlus is for you. Powered by the world’s largest search engine Google, GooglePlus is helpful in increasing your search engine optimization which helps to bring your brand at the top of search engine searches. It also has google communities which can help draw in new customers and allows you to network with other companies within your field.

There are many other popular social media outlets that were not mentioned, but more importantly, you must know which outlets play to your strengths and are most beneficial to the growth of your brand. Maintaining that strong online presence for your business is vital to the development of your company.


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