Re-Discover SYEP: A Hidden Gem For Small Businesses

You never know what treasures you will find until you step out of your office to mingle with other businesses, organizations, and people in your community. Dr. Roy Hastick of the Caribbean Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (CACCI) always says “Networking Works.” It was during one of CACCI’s very engaging meetings that District 40 […]

6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Brand

As a small business owner, your business may not widely known or recognized. Developing a brand makes it a lot easier to promote your business to potential customers or other businesses that you may come across. Having a brand will clarify what your company is all about and gives your business a professional structure that […]

Going Back to High School

New Visions Charter HS for Advance Math & Science III is located at the Sheepshead Bay HS campus in Brooklyn.            It has been some time since I found myself going down a high school corridor. Therefore, I had no idea what to expect as I drove to the New Visions […]

Ashalla attended CACCIs 2014 Power Breakfast

It was a very inspiring day, as small business leaders from all over Brooklyn gathered at the Caribbean Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc.(CACCI) annual Power Breakfast at Borough Hall. The event, which was held on Thursday, December 17, allowed attendees to catch up with old friends while connecting with new ones. Dr. Hastick started […]