Getting The Best Out of Your Deal

… When Working With a Design Firm. In order to control cost and timing, you must plan well and communicate early, clearly and consistently. You must decide, first of all, what is most important to you — speed, design, or cost. These three variables are linked in that the more complex a piece, the slower the […]

Tribute #3: Esteemed Graphic Designer Sylvia Harris

Sylvia Harris (1953-2011)   Design strategist, Sylvia Harris, partnered with high-profile clients—in business, nonprofit and government—to yield rewarding projects and a life’s work dedicated to removing barriers by ensuring that public information systems are accessible to everyone. Throughout her life she had the opportunity to work in various fields. She was the former director on the […]

Honor Black History Month with Ashalla

Join Ashalla every week throughout the month of February as we celebrate the great achievements of our past in preparation for moving forward by posting tributes on our Facebook Page and on this Blog.