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How to Increase Your Profits

Meet Philip Obeng-Owusu, Founder and Distributor of GT African Trading LLC products. The GT African Trading LLC storefront is located at 3123 Church Ave, in Brooklyn, New York. You can also find the GT product-line in stores nationally, internationally, and online. GT African Trading LLC is the home of the healing GT Moringa Bitters, the powerful GT […]

Fall Back on These Time Saving Apps

Fall is here, which means it’s almost time to turn back those clocks for Daylight Savings Time on the 2nd of November! Even with the extra hour, productivity should be top priority for business owners at this time, since there are fewer hours of sunlight and more to get done as we approach the holiday […]

Re-Discover SYEP: A Hidden Gem For Small Businesses

You never know what treasures you will find until you step out of your office to mingle with other businesses, organizations, and people in your community. Dr. Roy Hastick of the Caribbean Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (CACCI) always says “Networking Works.” It was during one of CACCI’s very engaging meetings that District 40 […]

Eco Friendly Design Practices

The environment has been under more threat today than it has ever been. Natural resources are steadily declining and the ecosystems are under scrutiny. Establishing more eco-friendly practices is actually often less costly than many assume; it just takes a little creativity and thinking outside the box. Here are some innovative ways for business owners to get the desired designs and the […]

6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Brand

As a small business owner, your business may not widely known or recognized. Developing a brand makes it a lot easier to promote your business to potential customers or other businesses that you may come across. Having a brand will clarify what your company is all about and gives your business a professional structure that […]

Know Your Audience

Social media is essential for every business in this age. Establishing a presence on social media gives you access to existing customers as well as provides an outlet to attract new customers. Deciding which social media is best suited for business is key. In order to know which social media is best for your business […]

Getting The Best Out of Your Deal

… When Working With a Design Firm. In order to control cost and timing, you must plan well and communicate early, clearly and consistently. You must decide, first of all, what is most important to you — speed, design, or cost. These three variables are linked in that the more complex a piece, the slower the […]

Honor Black History Month with Ashalla

Join Ashalla every week throughout the month of February as we celebrate the great achievements of our past in preparation for moving forward by posting tributes on our Facebook Page and on this Blog.